seriously jealous of people with normal obedient dogs

pups is a constant work in progress, he was absolutely life changing in the worst way.  he wont ever be good

i asked joseph if we had a choice in which puppy we were going to get, would we choose a better puppy or pups and he said the better puppy which is sad but true, i wish he could have a better home that could make him less anxious but he was headed for the pound where his chances of even getting adopted long term were slim.

I used to sob into my pillow every night because I was terrified Bosco was going to kill someone or rip the throat out of another dog. Then we’d get our asses sued, lose our house, and have to euthanize Bosco…and drown in guilt. I was overwhelmed and profoundly ashamed that I couldn’t control my dog…one we owned since he was ten weeks old. If we can learn to control Bosco then there is hope for everyone out there who is struggling with an aspect of their dog’s behavior. Hang in there.

The more I learn about dogs, the more I think “normal obedient dogs” are actually a rarity and that it’s far more common to have crazy, difficult, stubborn, fearful, etc dogs.

I’ve had many a crying session flopped on the floor frustrated over my dogs. Mostly over Ryker, but sometimes over Solstice too. I think German Shepherds are a far more difficult breed than most people think they are, which is also a bit strange given how popular GSDs are. Anyway, just know you’re not alone and most people have problems of some sort with their dog, even if it seems like everyone else’s dog is perfect and you have the demon child of Satan. :)

i’m a huge fan of ryker!!  he looks so great i never thought a dog like yours had any problems!!  but yeah the only other dog i had was a shepherd/beagle rescue whose only problem was that she was a little overweight.  no one seemed to know what was wrong with pups, even people with GSD experience, so i truly believed he must be the worst dog anyone has ever had. 

Let me tell you about Ryker’s problems!


-resource guarding

-people aggression

-dog aggression (he doesn’t react at the sight of a dog, mostly just wants his space and doesn’t appreciate noses up his butt)

-fence/barrier aggression

-kennel guarding/aggression (which was mis-diagnosed by one of the top veterinary behaviorists in the country, so I hear you on people not understanding)

-over-aroused and crazy at the drop of a hat

-drive leaking

-super crazy toy obsessed like the way Pups is over food

-whiniest dog ever

-basically a bi-polar personality, happy joy joy one second “fuck you” the next

-knows what he is supposed to do, just has to constantly question “why” and “do i really have to do it this time”

and on and on and on. :P We’ve certainly come of a hell of a long way with many of his issues and it’s been a hell of a lot of work and I’ve learned a hell of a lot about dog training because of him. He is definitely one of those dogs that people call a “teaching dog”, because he is teaching me more than I’m teaching him. So as much as he aggravates me and I want to shove him under a bus, I do have to appreciate him.

Kaden on the other hand (who I sadly don’t post about much here) was one of those super easy dogs. He was my first agility dog and great to learn about agility with because he was easy. One of those I could take anywhere and would get along with all people and dogs, never had any major issues. So I didn’t really learn much about training with him because he was easy. It really is the difficult dogs that make you learn, frustrating as that can be at times you do appreciate it later (and appreciate your easy dogs even more!)

Most of my previous dogs that I had growing up had aggression and fear issues. One of those dogs even killed another dog and he and another dog both had bitten other people, including children.  

I worry about doing right by my new pup and learning from previous dogs to make sure none of my parents’ mistakes get repeated through me. I pick him up in about two weeks. He will be my first dog as an adult and first dog that will be completely under my control and influence. I’m both excited and scared, heh. I also expect the first year to be an avalanche of obnoxious, drivey puppyhood, heh. 

Everyone’s dogs are a work in progress. I don’t think there is a dog in the world that is ‘complete’ that doesn’t have some issue that their owners have learned to accept, live with, and work around. 


I’m tired of seeing tumblr’s disregard for animal welfare so here we go.


This does go for all animals, but since dog behaviour is my comfort zone and since most of these posts I see are of dogs being stressed or mishandled I’m going to focus on dogs. Anyone else who is more knowledgable on other animals expression of stress and behaviour are super welcome to make posts on them too and link them to me because this is important. Also this blog is awesome for pointing out these shitty things. 

I think the primary issue here is that people just don’t know what they’re reblogging is problematic. It probably looks cute, it probably makes you laugh and you probably don’t see why it’s not ok.

Mild positive stress (eustress) can help you grow and learn. Positive stress for dogs would be reward based training. 

Negative stress (distress) however is not beneficial. Promoting anxiety in your dog will negatively impact their health and wellbeing and not only emotionally. Increased incidence of chronic health and GI issues, increased aging process, anxiety, decreased cognitive function, and increased risk of bacterial or viral infections as their immune system is compromised. After a stressful event, the stress hormones don’t disappear from your dogs body once it’s over, they can stay in your dogs body up to 3 days. 

A dogs body language will tell you how they feel. They will tell you when they feel discomfort and if you are a dog owner it’s down to you to know this and help your dog cope. Your dogs stress signals may seem funny and cute, but I can assure you that your own entertainment is not worth putting your dog under more severe states of stress.

Here are common stress signs in dogs that I’m going to break down quickly for you here.

Lip licking. Obviously this is all about context. If you’ve just given your dog a nice piece of turkey, licking his lips is unlikely down to stress.


Yawning. Often more than once during the stressor. 


Panting. Context again, while out on a warm day for a walk is unlikely to be related to stress. Look at the dog, is their mouth relaxed or tense? The dog below has a tense mouth, the dog is stressed.


Pinned ears. 


Avoidance - turning away, avoiding eye contact and sniffing are common signs. If the dog is avoiding someone or something, do not push them to interact and remove them from the stressor.


Shaking off. 


Other signs - tucked or low tail, low body posture, excessive whining or barking, uninterested in food, tense body and movement including in the eyes and mouth, pacing, dilated pupils. 

And here’s another one not mentioned in that link. Whale eye. The dog will show the whites of its eyes, often with other signs like tense movement and possibly even growling. Some brachycephalic breeds like pugs will naturally have some of the whites of their eyes showing, so bear that in mind, but even in those breeds if the amount of white is more excessive than normal they are likely displaying whale eye and asking for space.


Now here are some classic tumblr examples of people either not knowing or not caring about dogs trying to communicate their discomfort because it’s “cute” or funny to them.


This dog is very visibly trying to get away. It’s ears are pinned back and it’s showing whale eye. And I’m not surprised, that is some intimidating body language on the owners part. 


Ears pinned back, tense mouth and eyes that eventually squint, lip licking. This dog is stressed.


I had to put this one in because this is not ok. This isn’t even ignorance, this is downright appalling. Do not throw things at your dogs, especially their face.


I see a lot of people saying this dog is “smiling”. This is not a smiling dog, this is not a happy dog. Ears are pinned back, mouth is tense and eyes are squinting. This dog would really appreciate to be given some space. 


Low body posture, pinned ears, squinting eyes and tense mouth. This dog is stressed. This dog is not feeling guilt, it’s been proven that dogs do not feel guilt they simply respond to their owners voice and body language which in these situations is often intimidating leading them to show stress signals to diffuse the situation.


This dog is stressed from the start and licking anothers lips is appeasement, meaning this dog is trying to diffuse the tension. Whale eye and lip licking accompanied, this dog is stressed. 


I’m sure a lot of people have seen the Denver video, a video that makes anyone well versed in dog behaviour cringe. Avoidance, low body posture, tense mouth, squinting eyes, pinned ears, submissive grin. Denver is stressed, as I said before dogs do not feel guilt. He’s responding to his owners voice and body language, he’s being intimidated whether intentional or not on the owners part. All his body language is ignored. Denver is super tolerant in that video to have not snapped as his space was further invaded.


This appears to be resource guarding. This is not how you handle this problem in dogs. Handling a dog like this when they have this sort of reaction around food or objects is just asking for trouble and is unpleasant for the dog. If your dog behaves like this with food or objects please find a qualified positive reinforcement behaviourist to help your dog. Resource guarding often comes from anxiety, grabbing a dog like this is not fair on them and will not help them cope. 


If you can’t see how this is not ok at this point I throw in the towel. 


The picture says it all. I see a lot of posts on tumblr with dogs and children. Rarely, they will be of a pleasant interaction. But all too often the dogs discomfort is obvious, at least to those that understand it and it is dangerous. I see these pictures on here and then I see news stories about children being attacked by dogs. Situations like the above lead to children getting hurt and the dog getting blamed, when it’s the parents/dog owners responsibility to ensure both that their child is safe and their dog has the space they need and can feel comfortable in their own home. 

Following from the above let me explain further why stressing out dogs for entertainment purposes is not cool. These dogs are trying to tell these people that they aren’t comfortable and would like to be given space. These people are blatantly ignoring all these signals, likely because they just don’t see a problem with what they’re doing and don’t understand their dog is stressed (I hope). But what happens when dogs stress signals are being ignored? Depending on the tolerance of each individual dog, they may carry on displaying stress signals for ages or they may not. They try something else, maybe they growl as a warning. Growling is ignored or even punished (the correct thing to do when a dog growls? Give them the space they’re asking for). So all their communication so far has failed, what’s the next step? An air snap most likely, that might make the person back off. Now the dog knows this level of communication is effective, it will probably resort to this action much quicker in future, or even straight away. So they air snap again at a later date when feeling stressed and/or anxious, what if the owner doesn’t tolerate it this time and tries some silly outdated dominance technique to get their dog “under control”? Dog can go two ways really. They can shut down or they can go up another level and bite. Putting a dog into a shut down state is cruel whatever way you look at it. A dog biting has now be labelled as an aggressive dog. But likely when they bit, the person backed off again. Biting worked, biting is now their “go to” communication to get someone to leave them alone and not stress them out. This is not the dogs fault, this is the persons fault

I’ve been almost forgiving of these people by saying that they just don’t know their dog feels this way and I do hope that if they did know, this wouldn’t happen. But honestly I have to say that underneath all that I do feel it’s unfair on these dogs for them to put up with this because their owners haven’t taken even a small amount of time to understand their pets communication, they might be ignorant but that doesn’t make it acceptable. if you’re looking to get a dog please just check out some basic dog behaviour beforehand, it’ll help you and your dogs relationship so much. However, please avoid Cesar Millan and dominance theory like the plague

Animals should not be put under stress for human entertainment. Reblogging these sorts of things negatively impacts animals because people will think this is acceptable, they may even think these behaviours are normal. And maybe if people stop making these posts so popular, people will stop doing these things to their pets. One of the five freedoms when analysing an animals welfare is that the pet should be free from fear and distress. Too many popular posts on this website are of the opposite.



I totally teared up. 


dreadie asked:

I've been a fan of your blog for quite some time now and I also submit pic of my dogs but I just saw you posted a picture of a pitbull which is pulling heavy weight, you can only see the dog but the pic is pretty clear, I bet you don't support trainings like this which are also a big part of dog fighting but still I couldn't be quiet about it.

handsomedogs answered:

Weight Pulling is a sport in which any breed can participate. Pulling is something most dogs enjoy, as it is very natural to them. Sled dogs and Bully breeds are most commonly used, since that is what they were once used for (pulling sleds and carts). But generally any working breed can benefit from weigh pulling. A good indicator, too, as to why a harness might not be the best tool to use to stop your dog from pulling on the leash ;)

raige-pulling.jpg (383×255)

Here’s a miniature poodle weight pulling!

Although some people may use weight pulling as a means to train their “pit bull” and help it gain muscle for fighting. That is not what this sport is intended for, nor is it what it is used for. There are rules and regulations, and it is held by many organizations, such as the United Kennel Club (UKC).



Dog fighters also use treadmills and tug-toys as training implements for fighting dogs. It isn’t an inherently bad tool or sport just because some terrible people use it to condition their dogs. It’s like saying doing pushups are bad because crooks do them to build muscle so they can mug people on the street more easily.



this bothers me so much. this thought process that weight pulling is only for dog fighters has led to many clubs being unable to put on events because people like this give them so much backlash, they have no choice but to cancel the clubs. absurd.